Hamilton predicts he will retire from F1 in five to six years time

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has said that he predicts to retire from Formula 1 in five to six years time, before moving on to something else.

The 2015 World Champion is one of the most recognised drivers in the sport, and has won thirty seven races and three World Championships since he debuted in the sport in 2007. Hamilton has signed a new contract with his current team Mercedes which will take him until the end of 2018, after which he expects to continue in the sport for about three or four more years until he will retire from Formula 1.

I try and think to myself ‘what’s your five year plan’ and try and set out to do it,” Hamilton reported.

You don’t always hit all the goals, but I try to. I think right now, I’ve obviously just signed for another three years with Mercedes including this year. After that, I see myself staying for another three years probably, three of four years, then I’m going to stop.

I don’t have a particular desire to go on forever. At thirty-seven, I’ll still be relatively young I would say, and so I want to be challenged by something else. But I think also every year your opinions and your views on things evolve. So who knows what I’m going to be thinking in seven years’ time.

The Briton also said that the length of his career will not be defined by trying to beat records set by previous drivers, with Michael Schumacher’s achievement of ninety-one Grand Prix victories still quite a long way off.

I want to be great as I can be,” Hamilton spoke on the matter. “I don’t believe being as great as I can be is defined by someone else’s record.

Even if I’m only here for another two more years, I’m going to give it everything I’ve got. Even if I was to stop right now, I could look back and say ‘jeez, I’ve learned a lot’. I’ve had an amazing journey.

Hamilton is currently second in the Driver’s Championship, a mere point behind teammate Nico Rosberg.

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