Hamilton’s engine penalty to give Rosberg a “free race”

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has stated that his engine penalty which he will have to take later this season will essentially give his teammate and rival Nico Rosberg a “free race.”

The leading World Champion has used up his maximum allowance of five turbochargers and MGU-H’s in last month’s Austrian Grand Prix, meaning that a ten-place grid penalty will ensue later this season.

If Nico continues to qualify well and at least one race I’m going to have to start from the pitlane or at the back, he has a free race ahead,” Hamilton reported.

The Brit turned over a 43-point deficit into a 19-point lead over the course of his six wins in seven races, after Rosberg got a strong start to the season.

Anything can happen when you are coming from the back, as you have seen,” Hamilton added.

I definitely don’t feel it’s all even.

“If we had the same amount of engines then right now I could be like that but that’s not the case. But that is the way it is and if anything it makes me hungry that I’ve just got to fight harder.”

At the German Grand Prix, Hamilton hinted that he could take this penalty at either Spa or Monza, although he had hoped that he had nursed his engine used at Hockenheim enough to use again.

I’ve saved my engine a lot,” the Brit spoke.

Hopefully I’ve saved enough of my engine so that I would be able to use it at the next race.

“It [the change] will either be at the next race [Spa] or Monza, because I’m going to run out of engines soon.

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