Hamilton “likely” to take grid penalty at Spa

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is “likely” to take his grid penalty at the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix, the team says.

The penalty, which will be at least ten places, is the result of early season reliability struggles with the car.

Due to this, the Brit has reached his limit for two of the full six power units on his car, meaning that according to the current regulations, he is set for the penalty.

Hamilton is currently ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg in the standings, after making up a 43-point deficit after Rosberg’s strong start to the season.

Hamilton previously reported that he would take his long-anticipated penalty at either the Belgian or Italian Grand Prix, and it seems likely that Mercedes will fit two new engines wherever they decide the penalty will be taken.

Conformation of this is expected to be on Thursday when F1 arrives at Spa-Francorchamps.

[A penalty] is likely and conformation is expected tomorrow,” a Mercedes spokesperson reported this morning.

Even though Hamilton’s penalty may be more than the 22 places on the grid, remaining demotions are no longer allowed to be carried over a series of races, according to new rules that were set at the beginning of the year.

The first free practice for the Belgian Grand Prix will take place this Friday.

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