Wolff calling for stockpile engine loophole to be closed

Executive director of Mercedes Toto Wolff is calling for the stockpile engine loophole to be closed, after his driver Lewis Hamilton received a 55-place grid penalty at the Belgian Grand Prix.

After hitting the number of allocated engine parts at Spa-Francorchamps, Mercedes changed the Brit’s power unit three times in order to build up a series of engines.

However, due to the nature of the grid, Hamilton started from 21st place, meaning that he could not be fully penalised the 55 places that he was given.

Despite this, Hamilton still managed to finish 3rd, amid a dramatic race with numerous collisions and a red flag.

I think I now have more engines than most so now the fight is really on and hopefully for us it’ll be a cleaner second half of the season and we can see some good fights,” Hamilton spoke after the race.

Now, after having utilised this loophole, Wolff is calling for it to be closed, stating it should have been done so after last season where McLaren also made use of it.

Last year we had a race where Jenson [Button] took 52 places, and it was so ridiculous,” Wolff spoke on the matter.

To use more than one engine over a race weekend, that shouldn’t be happening. So we tried to bring in a regulation saying you cannot stockpile engines, but it failed.

“The proposal wasn’t accepted by the other teams. So this time around we decided to take more engines on board and put them on stock.

“But the system is far from perfect, and it sounds a bit ridiculous. We should probably close that loophole.

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