Arrivabene: “This is a team that never gives up” – Ferrari’s aim to return to the front

Ferrari’s Team Principal Maruzio Arrivabene believes that the team are on the right track to return to the front of the grid.

At the recent Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne stated that the team had “failed” this season.

However, despite the Maranello-based team’s inability to secure a race win so far this season, Arrivabene is under the impression that Marchionne has been pacified due to the staffing re-shuffle that came about after Technical Director James Allison’s departure.

Allison and Ferrari recently parted ways, the former technical director being believed to want to spend more time with his family following the death of his wife.

He said he can see some changes in the time he has been with us. He said the structure is solid,” Arrivabene spoke about Marchionne.

We have enough people in Ferrari to be able to work in the proper direction and I think he is not happy about the results of this season, but he also sees some changes and he wants to look forward to the future.

Despite the fact that Allison’s exodus only happened recently, Arrivabene insists that the new dynamic in the team is working well, supported by Ferrari’s recent strength on track.

We took some action, and now since the last two races, things are going a bit better,” Arrivabene added.

The atmosphere in the team is very positive and everybody is looking forward to race after race for this year and next year.

“The atmosphere in the team is solid, everybody they are solid: we are looking in the right direction. We just need a bit of time, that is it.

Although most teams have shifted their focus to the 2017 season, with many new regulations, Arrivabene insists that they owe it to the fans to keep on pushing in 2016.

When you are working for a team and the name of this team is Ferrari, you cannot give up,” he spoke.

This is our value. But this is our pressure too.

“Of course next year is important and there are new regulations, so we are pushing a huge amount of focus with aero, but when you are working in Ferrari, you feel immediately the responsibility of this team and that means, ‘okay we are Ferrari‘.

“This is a team that is never giving up. This is our philosophy and the group that is currently working today in F1, it doesn’t want to stop.

“Of course we need to find the right balance, we need to manage the situation properly, but we have the right people to do it.

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