Lauda to talk to Hamilton to help him “politely proceed with the media” following controversy

Mercedes team Chairman Niki Lauda is planning to talk to three-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton following his run-in with the media at the Japanese Grand Prix.

During Thursday’s Press Conference, Hamilton faced criticism for playing with Snapchat, and later walked out of a post-qualifying press conference without answering a single question.

The danger is that you can’t check off these things easily,” Team Boss Toto Wolff spoke when asked if the Brit was wasting energy at an important stage in the season.

On the other hand, Nico [Rosberg] does everything right, pushing all distractions aside, which is working for him this year.”

Lauda, however, believes that Hamilton is not wasting energy, but still has vowed to help the Brit move on.

It will not get out of hand,” he reported.

We will talk to him so that he can politely proceed with the media, especially when we convene our press conferences.

Rosberg spoke after the Japanese Grand Prix, stating that his teammate is working harder than ever before, with the agreement of Wolff.

In Malaysia, I saw a Lewis who dominated the weekend and then he had the engine failure, and if he had had a week [to move on] it would have been all ok,” he spoke.

But then there was the press conference and this media story. Whether it influenced him? I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s his priority,” Wolff said.

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