Marchionne: Scuderia turned down chance to sign Lowe in 2017

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has revealed that Ferrari turned down the chance to sign Mercedes Executive Technical Director Paddy Lowe, whose contract ends with the team in early 2017.

Lowe is likely to move to Williams after his contract ends with Mercedes, but in recent months the Brit has been heavily linked with Ferrari following the departure of their Technical Director James Allison.

Marchionne stated that they did have the opportunity to sign Lowe next year, but instead has chosen to back the current Chief Technical Officer Mattia Binotto in support of the team’s largely Italian engineering department.

Paddy Lowe has been offered to us, but we are sure we are ok how we are now,” Marchionne spoke at his Christmas media lunch.

I don’t think that a single man can change the situation, we need a focus group. I’m Italian and I’m sure that Italians are the best not like someone say that in this world you need British people.

“Mattia is doing a great job particularly on putting together all the different areas.

We are not looking for a Ross Brawn-like saviour who can solve all the problems,” he added.

Together, we can pull through by working the right way.

“I don’t want to be constantly changing the team.

Whilst Marchionne believes that the team can achieve great things in 2017 after a particularly disappointing 2016 season after losing out on 2nd place in the Constructor’s Championship to Red Bull, he is not promising big things in 2017 – a mistake he made last year.

Now I only want us to do better than in 2016, which doesn’t seem too hard to me,” he reported.

Should we continue not to win, then the blame lies at my feet. I’ve already told Ferrari fans who approach me on the street and complain about our win drought: ‘that’s my mistake, wait for 2017’.

“I am confident about the new car, confident that we have taken action and done a good job in all areas, starting with the aerodynamics.”

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