Brown not expecting McLaren to win any races in 2017

Recently appointed McLaren boss Zak Brown has stated that the 2017 season will be one of recovery and development for the team, and that they are not expecting to secure any wins.

Brown replaced former boss Ron Dennis late last year after a spell of bad results for the team – who have not won since 2012 – and has been given the task of rebuilding it.

Despite the fact that engine supplier Honda have made improvements and are expected to become stronger this year, Brown is not targeting any race wins from the British team this coming season.

I think [the McLaren staff] are all frustrated, as you can imagine, and eager to get back to our winning ways,” he spoke on podcast.

I don’t think our results the last couple years are something that the team is accustomed to. They don’t like it. And they want to turn things around.

“At the same time, one step at a time. So while we’re doing all the right things I think for success, we need to keep moving up the grid.

“But I would caution we are not going to be winning any races [this year], I don’t anticipate. 

“So we need to be measured on forward progress, as opposed to ultimate results in 2017.

However, Brown is aiming to take the team to glory in 2018, after getting McLaren back on its feet this season.

We’ve got the enthusiasm to be winning races and the championship, but I don’t think we’re there yet with our overall package,” he added.

“I’m just eager to see us moving up the grid and in a position to start winning races in 2018.

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