Boullier confirms McLaren colour change

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier has confirmed that the team will change its livery colour for the coming season.

Following the departure of Ron Dennis, who was reportedly against the popular opinion that McLaren should change to their iconic orange, McLaren have been hinting at a colour change on their website.

You will see a change in the colour,” the Frenchman confirmed.

Wait a few days and you’ll find out [what].

What is of more interest among Formula 1 fans is, however, wether or not McLaren can produce a competitive car for 2017.

We could be the outsider, the surprise of the season,” Boullier spoke.

 “Honda is working well on the engines and of those who could compete for the title alongside Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, we could be there as well.
The announcement of what colour McLaren will opt for is expected to come within a week.


    1. Agreed, they can’t afford to remain mid-field. In my opinion, they need to cut their ties with Honda, who clearly aren’t producing the engine they need to be competitive.


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