Denmark could join F1 calendar in 2020

Denmark has been exploring the possibility of joining the Formula 1 calendar in 2020 and has started to implement plans for a street circuit race around its capital, Copenhagen.

Danish businessman Lars Seier Christensen, who is the co-founder of former Lotus and Renault sponsor Saxo Bank, is leading the initiative.

Christensen has met with Liberty Media this week in London for what was a “very positive” meeting to discuss the possibility of the project and gain their support, before moving onto the next step, which is gaining secure financial support.

My task in the project is to initially assemble the private investment, and I will spend the next six months [doing so],” Christensen told Denmark’s BT.

But before I started, it was important that we have the political will and support from Liberty Media.

It was the very positive meeting in London, and now I will spend the next six months to gather the necessary investors. It is an expensive project for us to both build the course and pay the license to Liberty. 

I would not mention specific amounts, but there are hundreds of millions of Kroner [needed].

Hermann Tilke, a renowned circuit designer, has already visited Copenhagen to consider a possible route around the city’s streets.

Former Minister for Science, Helge Sander, is also involved, and believes that the project is very close to reality.

It’s three years of work that has now reached a point where we believe that it is possible,” he added.

It has never been closer than it is now. The indications are good from all sides.

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