Verstappen admits that he cannot take any more race retirements

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has admitted that he cannot take any more race retirements this season, after his result at yesterday’s Belgian Grand Prix was a DNF.

An engine issue caused the young Dutchman’s sixth retirement out of twelve races this season after only eight laps.

Although Verstappen is bound in a contract with Red Bull until the end of the 2019 season, he didn’t give assurances about staying loyal to this when speaking to Nathalie Pinkham.

When asked how many DNF’s he could take before he would start considering moving away from Red Bull, the Dutchman replied: “I don’t know, but not too many.

Verstappen’s car was recovered by marshals following the engine failure. [Sutton Images]
For a top team, this can’t happen,” he added.

At the beginning you can say it’s bad luck, these things happen. But if it’s happening again for the sixth time this year, you can’t call it bad luck any more.

The fans buy very expensive tickets to come and watch the race and then after eight laps it’s finished.

“Also it’s just really demotivating because you work hard all weekend, you have a great qualifying and you’re looking forward to the race but then you retire after eight laps.

“I don’t know what to say — it’s just a very tough year.


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