What we learnt from the Thursday press conference in Italy – PART 1

PART 1 – Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), Sergio Perez (Force India), Esteban Ocon (Force India)

Vettel Perez Ocon blog



  1. Perez and Ocon are keen to move on from the incident in Spa

As expected, both Perez and Ocon are keen to move on from their incident in Spa, and focus on getting points at Monza.

[Image from Autosport.]
Between him [Ocon] and me, and I think it’s time to move forwards,” Perez spoke.

Everyone had his opinion of what happened. The engineers have one opinion, the fans, us… have different opinions on what has been happening. The most important thing is that, from now, we move forwards.

I believe that a new relationship can start from now on and I really hope that from now on we can be working as a team and we can put the interests of the team first, and we both came to that agreement and it was quite simple.

Ocon agrees.

We can’t change what happened before. We have to move forwards. As Sergio was saying, we had a talk this morning together, just us two.

“Yeah, it is time we forget all that, that we work hard for the team. It’s important – that’s what they deserve as well – that we behave as professionals.

2. Vettel is confident of Ferrari’s chances on home turf

Although Monza is traditionally a track where Mercedes dominates, Ferrari’s strong form last weekend has given the German hope.

Celebrations after last year’s Italian Grand Prix.

The form we showed in Spa was real and the speed was there in particular in the race which weeks ago, on a similar type of track, maybe wasn’t the case,” Vettel spoke.

So that’s very positive.

“Obviously, we had a smoother weekend all around but still, I think we’ve made improvements on all fronts. So, I was very, very happy with the performance last week.

“I think going into this weekend we need to be fair and say that the track layout suits Mercedes but the performance that we showed last week gives us hope. So, we tried to do the best.

“Obviously, yeah, there should be quite a good atmosphere and a lot of support so for sure we try to give all the love and passion that we’ve received so far this year, we try to also give something back from our side.

3. Perez and Ocon are remaining focused on Force India amid rumours

As we are currently in F1’s ‘silly season’, rumours about who will drive where in 2018 are rife. Despite this, both Perez and Ocon have reinstated their loyalties to Force India.

I want to do the best for the current team that I am with and I want to do the best results,” said Perez.

I think we both know that we have done wrong in the past for this team so my main target, I’m not thinking to run away.

“I believe that working with Esteban is still possible. It can still be a successful partnership and I’m not thinking to move elsewhere.

Ocon agreed, although did not give any hints about his future in Formula 1, or his drive next season.

We have a car and a great team behind us, which we can score points at every race doing a great job,” Ocon added.

So at the moment I’m focussing to the drive with Force India and not to next year – but I fully trust my management side and I’m sure I will have an opportunity to drive F1 next year.

4. Force India need to score big points at Monza to remain 4th in the Constructor’s Championship


Both Perez and Ocon emphasised the need for Force India to score important points this weekend in order to retain their 4th place standing in the Constructor’s Championship.

Since incidents between the pair have restricted the team in getting the points they could have, both drivers are fully focused on this need.

The main objective as a team is to finish fourth in the Constructors’ and we cannot afford to lose any more points,” Perez said.

I think we’ve lost quite a lot of points in those races you’ve just mentioned, so we will move forwards and I’m very sure that these things will not happen again.

“We see other teams are closing up in terms of pace. We definitely need to score in strong races, such as Spa and Monza, they are probably the two strongest races for us, so we definitely have to make sure that we score as many points as we possibly can.

We want to keep challenging the others,” Ocon added.

Keep pushing them and we have to keep that fourth place until the end.

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