Vettel has no plans to leave F1 soon

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has announced that he has no plans to leave Formula 1 in the near future, and has not begun to plan his retirement from the sport.

After securing the title last season, Nico Rosberg announced his shock retirement from F1 only five days after.

When asked if he would do the same if he wins a fifth World Champion title, Vettel replied: “I haven’t thought about it.

“I see it as an extremely big decision, not something spontaneous.

Vettel’s chances of winning the title this season are quickly diminishing, following several DNF’s and mechanical issues.

Despite this, he states that driving for the Scuderia still excites him.

I think everyone who has sat in a Ferrari feels that it is something very special,” said Vettel.

When asked if he felt he could switch to another team, the four-time World Champion responded: “I don’t know. I haven’t become champion with Ferrari yet.

The German, who is now 59 points behind rival Lewis Hamilton, has voiced his issues with Rosberg’s reasoning to retire so he could have a more peaceful life with his family.

I see him running from one appointment to the next,” said Vettel, with reference to Rosberg’s new projects including being Robert Kubica’s manager and dabbling in presenting.

In comparison, when he has a free weekend, Vettel states: “I lie down on the sofa.”


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