Back on the smokes: Marlboro’s use of e-cigarette sponsorship

Ferrari has confirmed that they will be entering a partnership with Marlboro’s parent company Philip Morris, which will involve their e-cigarette brand IQOS being featured on the 2018 car.

This follows Santander exiting their contract with the Scuderia in December 2017 as Ferrari lost one of their major sponsors.

Ferrari has not disclosed the length of their contract with Philip Morris, but it is rumoured that the contract will last until 2021.


A mock-up of what the sponsorship could look like, created by TJ13.


Philip Morris released this statement regarding their partnership with Ferrari.

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) and Scuderia Ferrari are extending their 40-year partnership successfully until 2021 and are realigning it. From now on, the collaboration focuses exclusively on getting closer to the goal of a smoke-free world. To achieve this goal, smokers should be convinced of a switch from cigarettes – and thus the most harmful form of nicotine consumption – to scientifically based potentially less harmful alternatives.

“We want to give the world’s 1.1 billion smokers the chance to make better and more informed decisions, “says PMI CEO André Calantzopoulos. “We are committed to driving this revolutionary transformation forward with all the means at our disposal – including our motorsport activities – for adult smokers, public health and society at large. We really appreciate the support of Scuderia Ferrari in this matter.

“It is vital to raise awareness around the world about the opportunities innovation, science and technology bring to achieving a smoke-free future. In addition to PMI’s clear commitment to this goal, it is fundamental that governments, public health experts, academics and society as a whole face this challenge and help develop a reasonable regulatory framework.

Scuderia Ferrari is the perfect partner for achieving this goal, as the company always combines pioneering spirit, technology and innovation, and tirelessly pursues great goals. As part of the partnership, PM, therefore, does not plan to place product-specific messages on the advertising media of Scuderia Ferrari. Details about the messages, especially those on the cars of the Scuderia Ferrari, should be announced in the coming months.

IQOS was launched in 2014 in Italy and Japan, and by 2016 it had spread to twenty countries. In 2017, according to Philip Morris, IQOS is set to contribute to the company by $700 million.


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