Vettel criticised by Italian media over ‘amateur error’

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has come under criticism from the Italian media for his ‘amateur’ mistake at last weekend’s French Grand Prix.

Vettel was involved in a first lap incident with Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas, which cost both drivers stronger results in the race, and importantly for Vettel, cost him the Championship lead.

Now, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has re-taken the Championship lead, leaving Vettel with a 14-point deficit. Needless to say, Italian media were not happy with the result.

Vettel committed an amateur error and this time the consequences are serious,” wrote La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Despite its excellent car, for Ferrari, it is once again a wasted opportunity.

Other media companies shared their displeasure as well; La Repubblica said: “Vettel makes mistakes that he cannot afford if he wants to win another world title.

La Stampa added: “It was a great catch up drive, but also ten wasted points because of too much impulsiveness.

The incident at Paul Ricard marks Vettel’s fifth incident in the last 12 months of racing, including at Baku, Singapore, Baku (2018), Mexico and France.

These accidents, made in a moment of passion and impulsiveness, are perhaps the reason that title contender Hamilton is the current favourite to win the Championship.

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