Stroll believes Aston Martin can be F1 world champions

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll believes that the team will be world champions one day.

2021 marks Aston Martin’s first return to the Formula 1 grid for 60 years with an all-star line-up featuring Stroll and Sebastian Vettel. The team will be taking over from Racing Point who have seen much success over the last few years, including a race win and securing fourth place in the constructors championship in 2020.

Looking to the 2021 season, Stroll wants Aston Martin to aim for podiums and race wins.

My aim with this, like the other businesses I’ve owned, is to win,” Stroll said to BBC Sport.

“F1 is a process that takes years to be successful; it is not an overnight thing, but no business is built overnight.

“This will be the same. I want to continue where we finished last year, only stronger.

“We had several podiums, we had a win. I’d like this year to have several more podiums and another win or two – step by step fighting for more and more wins.”

Stroll also mentioned he has spoken about the matter with team principal Otmar Szafnauer and technical director Andrew Green.

“I said: ‘We have the new rules coming in for 2022, we are here to win, it’s why I’m here, it’s why we’re all here, but I have the ability to give us the resources we need to win’, Stroll added.

What would we do if anything differently in order to become world champions?’ And Andy said: ‘My initial answer is I don’t think I would change a whole lot.’”

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