This is a blog, among millions of others.

Why is this one any different?

Because for me, it’s about pursuing a dream. This blog is a stepping stone in me achieving my lifelong goal – which is to present Formula 1.

I can’t really see myself doing anything different. That’s why I need to do this. I love F1, and pursuing a career in it, actually getting paid to do the thing I love most, is my main goal.

As a woman, I have been told multiple times that I simply cannot enter such a male-dominated sport. I honestly believe this is ridiculous. To all the people who believe I can’t pursue a career in F1 because I am a girl – I’m going to prove you wrong.

This blog has grown to so much from so little in the space of two years. Even thinking back to this time last year; I have made so much progress since then. I’ve become better at writing, and better at knowing how to actually run a blog. I am getting tens of thousands of views worldwide, and I only have you to thank for that. For taking the time to read this blog, one of millions.

Thank you.

– Ascari

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