Marchionne: “We stand by Kimi” in sexual harassment case

Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has stated that he and the team are standing by their driver Kimi Raikkonen after the Finn has faced allegations of sexual harassment.

We investigated the case internally and know that Kimi is not involved,” said Marchionne.

We stand behind him and ready to defend him at all costs.

These allegations originate from a Canadian media report, where a woman has accused Raikkonen of sexually molesting her in 2016 in a club in Montreal where she worked as a waitress.

A lawsuit was filed against Raikkonen in April, with his lawyer responding by filing a counterclaim for blackmail and harassment. The lawyer has stated:

Our client denies everything he is accused of and makes it clear that everything this woman does is illegal.

According to Canadian media, the woman has demanded a seven digit amount from the Ferrari driver, threatening to go public if the amount is not paid.

Marchionne has also stated that the case has not affected a possible 2019 contract for Raikkonen.

Kimi has nothing to do with this story,” Marchionne stated.

As to how it will affect his contract, then, in any case, they are two completely unrelated things.


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